• Boston and Denver ACORN win commitments from city officials for First Source hiring programs. 
  • St. Paul ACORN puts living wage initiative on the ballot but loses to heavily-financed opposition. 
  • Seattle ACORN wins library for a high school that previously did not have one. 
  • New Orleans begins auctioning abandoned houses, implementing city and state laws won by ACORN. 
  • ACORN tenants in New York fight plan to sell city buildings to private landlords and win. 
  • ACORN members in Albuquerque win a percentage of affordable housing in upper-income housing development. 
  • Governor of Illinois signs law pushed by SEIU Local 880 increasing pay for homecare workers.


  • ACORN Housing Corporation and Prudential Insurance strike a deal to provide full coverage homeowner's insurance in Philadelphia neighborhoods that had been redlined. 
  • In Albuquerque, ACORN wins additional $250,000 of CDBG money for downpayment assistance. 
  • ACORN lawsuit forces Illinois to comply with motor voter law. 
  • Arkansas voters approve ACORN-sponsored campaign finance law by two-to-one margin. 
  • NY ACORN campaign against corporate welfare wins paid job training and placement program from media giant, Viacom.


  • ACORN-led coalition wins passage of living wage ordinances in St. Paul and Minneapolis. 
  • ACORN organizes workfare workers in New York and Los Angeles, winning demands around safety, health, and dignity on the job. 
  • Philadelphia ACORN wins free transit passes for people moving from welfare to work. 
  • Boston ACORN and labor allies win passage of living wage law. 
  • In unofficial election, 99 percent of New York City workfare workers vote for representation by ACORN. 
  • NM ACORN wins passage of state law establishing mobile home owner's bill of rights. 
  • Two ACORN high schools open in New York City; ACORN academy opens in St. Paul teaching students in English, Spanish, and Hmong; ACORN dual language high school opens in Chicago Mexican American neighborhood. 
  • NY City schools chancellor responds to ACORN charges of racism with plans to broaden access to gifted programs. 


  • San Jose ACORN wins textbooks for every child in the Alum Rock School District for the first time in its history. 
  • Dallas ACORN convinces city to increase funding to pay for home repairs for over 500 senior citizens. 
  • In test case of new regulations, St. Louis ACORN gets Mercantile Bank's CRA rating downgraded from outstanding to satisfactory. 
  • ACORN/ labor coalitions win passage of living wage ordinances in Oakland, Calif.; Chicago, Ill.; and Cook County, Ill. 
  • Tenants force HUD to foreclose on Bronx slumlord and give 114-unit building to ACORN Housing Corporation. 
  • NM ACORN welfare union members win agreement protecting recipients unable to find local child care from penalties for not meeting work requirements. 
  • Los Angeles ACORN wins grievance procedure for workfare worker, the first in the country. 
  • ACORN members spearhead formation of the Working Families Party, the first community-labor party with official ballot status in New York state in more than 50 years. 


  • APAC campaign wins election of former Chicago ACORN President a alderman of the city's 15th Ward. 
  • APAC and labor partners upset 25-year GOP hold on Hempstead, Long Island, City Council, electing two Working Families Party candidates. 
  • Oakland ACORN wins ordinance providing limited public financing of local elections to help level the political playing field. 
  • ACORN wins promise of 50 fulltime living wage jobs from Minneapolis Wild hockey team. 
  • Baltimore ACORN wins comprehensive agreement with city to clean up trash upon ACORN's report and demand. 
  • Charging environmental discrimination, DC ACORN wins monetary compensation for neighborhood harmed by subway construction. 
  • IL ACORN signs an innovative agreement offering reduce cost primary health care benefits to members of ACORN and SEIU Local 880. 
  • New AHC program with Bank of America, with more flexible underwriting and discounted pricing, produces a record $246 million in mortgages for 2,27 low- and moderate-income families. 
  • NM ACORN mobile home tenants win over $100,000 in reimbursements for utility overcharges. 
  • ACORN High School for Social Justice opens in Brooklyn; ACORN's Greenville Community Charter School Opens in Jersey City. 
  • SEIU Local 100 reaches 7,000 members in Arkansas, Louisiana, and Texas. 


  • Oakland ACORN wins three-year battle to reopen the abandoned Woodland Elementary School as an ACORN community school. 
  • ACORN WEP Workers Organizing Committee wins New York City Council approval of a grievance procedure for workfare workers. 
  • Led by ACORN and the AFL-CIO, the Massachusetts Needs a Raise Campaign wins an increase in the state's minimum wage and earned income tax credit. 
  • Test scores improve at all of the schools where Chicago ACORN parents are organizing. 
  • Los Angeles ACORN wins a county jobs registry giving General Relief recipients priority hiring status for jobs in departments where they've performed workfare assignments. 
  • ACORN-led Corporate Responsibility Campaign wins living wage ordinance in Denver. 
  • Baltimore ACORN wins HUD agreement to renegotiate thousands of FHA loans. 
  • ACORN negotiates agreement with Ameriquest setting a standard for responsible lending in the subprime loan industry. 
  • St. Louis voters overwhelmingly approve living wage ordinance put on the ballot by ACORN-led coalition. 
  • ACORN and Grassroots Collaborative organize 10,000-person march in Chicago to demand amnesty for undocumented workers. 
  • ACORN's 30th anniversary convention celebrates 30,000th family to become homeowners through the ACORN Housing Corporation. 
  • ACORN registers 100,000 new voters nationwide. 


  • ACORN blocks attempt by for-profit Edison Schools to take over New York City public schools. 
  • Philadelphia, Oakland, and the state of California pass ACORN-backed legislation to curb predatory lending. 
  • In response to ACORN pressure, major subprime lenders, including Household International and Citigroup, commit to stop selling single-premium credit insurance. 
  • ACORN and other groups in Chicago win a utility bill arrearage payment program funded by the city, state, and the gas company. 
  • In Arkansas and Providence, RI, ACORN wins re-connection plans restoring utility service to low-income families. 
  • St. Louis ACORN and allies pass a ballot initiative creating a housing trust fund. 
  • Home child care providers organized by ACORN in Los Angeles win a grievance procedure. 
  • Chicago ACORN wins hiring of 3,000 new teachers, almost double the number hired in previous years. 


  • New Orleans voters approve ACORN/SEIU Local 100 ballot initiative to raise the minimum wage. 
  • St. Louis Board of Aldermen passes ACORN's living wage ordinance. 
  • ACORN and allies win creation of a $100 million housing trust fund in Los Angeles. 
  • CA legislation passes laws proposed by ACORN to protect tenants. 
  • New York City Council adopts ACORN's anti-predatory lending ordinance.
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