ACORN's national campaigns include:

Predatory Lending

ACORN opposes predatory lending practices, including unfair terms imposed on borrowers who have little understanding of the complicated transactions, by using aggressive sales tactics and even deception. Predatory loans turn the dream of homeownership into a nightmare, in the worst instances, ending in foreclosure. ACORN is campaigning to stop these abuses by promoting legislation and regulation for lenders, education and outreach to homeowners.

Living Wage

ACORN is campaigning at the local and state levels to pass living-wage laws, which set higher minimum wages for employees of companies that benefit from public contracts, subsidies, or actions and, in some cases, government employees. Higher minimum-wage laws were passed in six states in November 2006 and a higher federal minimum takes effect July 24, 2007.

Better Schools

ACORN is campaigning to improve the quality of public schools in low- and moderate-income neighborhoods and increase the decision-making power of parents. In Chicago, ACORN has advocated for a certified teacher to be in every classroom. In California, ACORN has documented the need for textbooks and school repairs.

Affordable Housing

ACORN is campaigning to remedy the severe lack of affordable housing in the United States. We are working to increase production and rehabilitation through the creation of housing trust funds at the local, state, and federal levels, as well as establishing and demanding enforcement of affordable-housing requirements for developers. We are also promoting programs to help homeowners repair their homes and organizing tenants to demand an end to unethical treatment by landlords.

Community Reinvestment

ACORN is encouraging banks to reinvest in low- and moderate-income communities and minority neighborhoods. We are pressuring the federal government to collect sufficient data and to strengthen and enforce regulations on community reinvestment by banks.


ACORN is campaigning to impose moratoriums on utility shutoffs, so low-income families are not left without heat in the winter or refrigeration in the summer. We are negotiating programs to create lower rates and delayed payment schedules for low-income families. ACORN is opposing deregulation efforts and working to lessen the blow to consumers where deregulation goes forward.

Hurricane Katrina

ACORN is working to reunite displaced community members and organizing, across the country to secure the housing, community services, and our communities need to recover and rebuild

Health Care Access 

ACORN is working to get affordable health care for all. Millions of Americans do not have health insurance and those that do often do not have adequate coverage.

Specific areas of interest include:

Preventing the closure of public hospitals and improving the status of Medicaid

Winning free care and discounted care programs for uninsured and underinsured patients at a number of hospitals around the country

Enforcing the federal requirement that hospitals have adequate translation services for non-English speaking patients

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