Maturity and the Future

This period witnessed the maturity of ACORN in preparation for the '90s. The people and the organization they comprise, 70,000 plus in twenty-eight states, grew in size, numbers, and maturity. The original vision of the movement to win the power to control important decisions in American life for the majority continued to guide ACORN members and allies across the country. The up and down struggle over twenty years showed them the value of the struggle and the importance of winning; the process of the struggle built the means to reach the goal. 

The work of ACORN required members, staff, leaders, money, skills, issues, conflict and organization. The supply of each of these had been scarce on a continuing basis since ACORN's inception. The key to survival and growth was the continual effort to find and develop resources, or find ways to manage without them at least part of the time. This period demonstrated the organization's ability to do just that. Through diversification and ingenuity, ACORN laid the foundations for an organization that can go into the '90s with confidence and enthusiasm. The key to this optimism was the shared dream and the value of the lessons learned and applied over twenty years.

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