Sharing the Dream

The sharing of the dream began with the People's Platform and grew as each newly organized neighborhood and member learned about the issues and solidarity of ACORN. The national conventions stirred members to greater commitment to ACORN goals. They grew by sharing actions and enthusiasms, whether marching on the Democrats in Philadelphia, S. Lee Kling's home in Memphis, or the Republicans in Dallas. Working toward the shared goals defined in the People's Platform helped connect the work in their neighborhoods with the overall national goal of justice for low- and moderate-income Americans. 

This connection continued to grow and strengthen through a variety of means. National parties were preparing their presidential candidates for 1988 and ACORN once again took advantage of the opportunity to get involved in the process. It began with a Caravan for Justice, a multi-city trek from St. Louis to Memphis, across Arkansas, through Louisiana and on to Atlanta, picking up allies, such as labor unions, along the way. In the caravan members and leaders met one another, worked to gain publicity for ACORN issues and learned more about shared concerns. 

ACORN's decision to back the Rainbow Coalition and Jesse Jackson might have been a divisive action in many organizations. When it became clear that Jackson not only shared ACORN's commitment to the People's Platform but was able to work with ACORN and other progressive groups, however, the decision was easy. That summer, ACORN held its national convention- in Atlanta, along with the Democrats. ACORN had thirty Jackson delegates on the floor of the Democrats' convention, led an inspiring march down Peachtree Street, as well as participating in actions and conventioneering. Members returned home sharing their insights and enthusiasm. 

Also instrumental to sharing the dream was the development the Affiliated Media Foundation Movement (AM/FM). Because ACORN recognized that mass electronic communication is essential to articulating and sharing a vision and could mobilize people in a large area quickly and effectively, they created AM/FM. Starting with station KNON in Dallas, they have begun the work of establishing radio, UHF and cable television programming. Using creative news, entertainment and public affairs programs, ACORN informs, moves and recruits members and allies on important issues.

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