Kavanaugh Nomination Likely to Pass Senate Judiciary Committee

Brett Kavanaugh, Trumps’ second nominee for the US Supreme Court, will likely have his nomination sent to the full Senate for a vote despite numerous demands for a full FBI investigation into his past.

Kavenaugh’s nomination has been slowed by multiple credible accusations that he sexually assaulted several women, with accusations ranging (so far) from 1982 to 1998. He is also well known in legal circles as a defender of his mentor, disgraced former judge Alex Kosinski, who resigned from the bench in December 2017 after being exposed as a serial sexual harasser.  

(If Christine Blasey Ford's testimony stirred up painful memories, here's where you can get help)  

Since yesterday’s hearings, during which he ranted and attacked the Democratic Senators questioning him, the American Bar Association has called for an in-depth FBI investigation into his activities, and the Jesuit magazine “America: The Jesuit Review” has withdrawn their endorsement.

Anti-Worker, Anti-Environment

Kavanaugh is also well known in legal circles for his decisions that favor corporations over workers rights, health, and safety.  He has frequently ruled to overturn federal regulatory decisions, and often been the only anti-worker dissent on full-court decisions. He has frequently ruled against collective bargaining, counter to fellow judges hearing the same case.

Kavanaugh has called OSHA regulations “paternalistic” for requiring that businesses follow at least a basic level of employee safety. A most notable case involved a Sea World whale trainer who was killed after Sea World did not follow proper safety precautions after the same whale had previously killed another trainer; Kavenaugh supported Sea World. (SeaWorld of Florida, LLC v. Perez)

He has called EPA regulations “onerous”, and frequently stated that “cost-benefit analysis” for a corporation should carry more weight than long-term impact to the American people of land, air, and water pollution. 

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