Mulvaney New WH Acting Chief of Staff

On Friday December 14, 2018, Trump announced that Mick Mulvaney , current head of the Office of Management and Budget (OMB), will be his new “acting” White House chief of staff.  Until December 4th, Mulvaney was also the acting head of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB).

There is some discrepancy over who chose the “acting” portion of the title. Mulvaney reportedly wanted to be able to bail quickly if things went wrong while being able to say he was just temporary.  The White House official line is that Trump preferred the “acting” portion of the title, though just days before he had refused (Pence’s chief of staff) Nick Ayers’ request/offer to fill in temporarily. 

Mulvaney is well known from his time in Congress as a supporter of government shutdowns over budget disagreements. He spent the last year dismantling as much of the CFPB as he could get away with (and cutting enforcement actions by 75%), and in his first OMB budget in 2017 made a $2 Trillion error (using the same funds twice for different things) and refusing to admit there was any error. As head of the OMB, he’s also presided over what is arguably the worst non-wartime budget deficit in the nation’s history.

According to the White House, Mulvaney will remain as head of the OMB, though his deputy, Russ Vought, will allegedly be in charge of day-to-day operations.

As Ron Klain (former chief of staff to Vice Presidents Al Gore and Joe Biden) pointed out of the weekend, by staying head of the OMB Mulvaney will be the first chief of staff who can be called to testify under oath before Congress:

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