Mayor White is hosting a Foreclosure Prevention Fair

Saturday, June 7th

10 AM - 4 PM

George R. Convention Center

Did you know that over 3,000 properties are in foreclosure each month in the Houston area?

Mayor Bill White, in partnership with ACORN, invites you to attend this Foreclosure Prevention Fair. This event is FREE, and open to everyone.

At this event, individuals will have the opportunity to meet with non-profit, HUD certified, housing counselors and  lenders to work out loan modifications, to lower monthly payments and stop foreclosures.  

 Please circulate this information to anyone who may be falling behind on their mortgage, or is facing possible foreclosure-as well as to those who have an adjustable rate mortgage (ARM) about to reset.  This is the best opportunity to SAVE HOMES FROM POSSIBLE FORECLOSURES.  

Participating Lenders Include:  Chase, Countrywide Mortgage, HSBC, GMAC, & Litton

Please bring a copy of  your most recent mortgage statement to the event.

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