Who Are We

ACORN® stands alone in its commitment to organizing and winning power for low and moderate-income people.

As we approach the new millenium, the concerns of low and moderate-income people are not on the nation's agenda. Under attack from the right, ignored by the center and many progressives, the poor grow in numbers every day. Yet ACORN® stands virtually alone in its dedication to organizing the poor and powerless - a dedication as strong today as it was in 1970 when a group of Arkansas welfare mothers formed ACORN®'s first membership.

ACORN® is the largest low and moderate-income membership organization in the country.

ACORN® has grown steadily to a membership of over 125,000 African-American, white, and Latino families. They are active members, not just contributors or newsletter readers. Each belongs to one of more than 500 neighborhood chapters working on local, citywide, and national campaigns.

ACORN® organizes the unorganized.

Although no stranger to coalition politics, ACORN®'s first priority is building organization in low-income communities. Because ACORN® believes that social change comes from the bottom up, organizers are on the streets every day, knocking on doors and recruiting new members. Major campaigns, whether around housing, or jobs, or voter registration, are designed to reach the unorganized majority of low and moderate-income people - the key constituency that must be mobilized for a progressive movement for social change in this country to succeed.

ACORN® campaigns address issues that are central to the lives of its members, to the viability of low and moderate-income neighborhoods, and to the future of the country.

A typical month might find ACORN® neighborhood groups in New York and Chicago campaigning to reform city schools, groups in New Orleans and Boston fighting to pass living wage ordinances, and groups in Detroit and Washington, D.C., demanding testing and treatment for lead poisoning.

At the same time, ACORN® groups throughout the country work in unison on national issues. In recent years, ACORN® has waged precedent-setting campaigns to win housing for the poor, jobs at living wages for the unemployed, and capital investment for low and moderate-income communites.

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